The firm says that using its system means that companies that operate, or manage, fleets across several countries can now achieve a consistent approach to risk assessing their drivers irrespective of which country they operate in.

Graham Hurdle, managing director of E-Training World, said: ‘Our online system offers a tried and tested approach to risk-assessing drivers. However, it is also flexible enough for different languages, road signs, imagery, traffic laws, and question sets to be added.

‘This means that businesses which manage or operate fleets across multiple countries can offer the same risk assessment platform to all drivers, but the assessment itself is meaningful to drivers in their country of residence.’

In addition, Mr Hurdle also explains that fleet operators can also adapt E-Training World’s online driver training system to any nation of their choice.

‘Through our e-modules, which are tailored bursts of highly focused online training, any topic can be addressed in any language. You can also add video explanations, which means if a company wanted to add a video clip explaining to drivers how to conduct vehicle checks, for example, in Polish it could do so with ease.’