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Transit Eco Marathon

02 Sep 2014 08:00

What fuel consumption can you expect from a new Ford Transit 2-tonne ECOnetic? John Kendall drove over 2,000km to find out.

Budget Car Rental opens over 175 new locations across Europe

26 Aug 2014 16:53

Budget Car Rental has announced the opening of more than 175 new locations across Europe so far this year, in markets including the UK, Germany, France, Portugal and Belgium, with more to follow as part of a strategic growth initiative.

Lexus profile: Hybrid success story

26 Aug 2014 08:00

Few brands can claim to have entered the cultural lexicon as a synonym for luxury, but Lexus has managed just that. With popularity of its hybrid-drivetrain soaring in Europe and a targeted approach to international growth, Lexus hopes to see its profile rise still higher this year…

LeasePlan boosts net profit & total managed vehicle in H1

20 Aug 2014 13:30

LeasePlan Corporation NV has announced strong results for the first half of 2014, with an increase in net profit and vehicles under management.

Enterprise Rent-A-Car opens operations in Poland, Turkey, Israel and Switzerland

19 Aug 2014 14:21

Following the appointment of franchise partners in Poland, Turkey, Israel and Switzerland over the past 12 months, Enterprise Rent-A-Car branches are now open for business in the countries’ major airport and city locations.

New technologies to push average family car to under 90g/km & over 300mpg by 2020

18 Aug 2014 14:08

Cutting-edge technologies will shape up the family cars of 2020 to be some of the most economical mainstream cars ever built, according to a new report by Autocar.

Fleet Logistics reaches record fleet size milestone thanks to US demand

14 Aug 2014 06:00

Fleet Logistics has reported that the size of its contracted fleet has reached 137,000 vehicles – marking a new record and well ahead of the company’s growth target for 2014 – due largely to new European business from US-based companies.

Global light vehicle sales continue to grow in July

12 Aug 2014 12:05

The growth in global light vehicle sales continued last month, with Western Europe having now a corner, and the US and China continue to expand, although not all markets are enjoying growth.

China’s light vehicle sales accelerate in Q2 but risks remain

04 Aug 2014 14:03

Q2 light vehicle sales in China accelerated again, with passenger vehicles playing a key role, but downside risks remain, according to LMC Automotive.

High diesel NOx emissions ‘likely for decades’ even with Euro 6 standard

04 Aug 2014 13:54

High levels of nitrogen oxides (NOx) in cities, caused by diesel cars, are likely to persist for decades, says environmental NGO T&E as new research shows that the Euro 6 standard is no better.


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